IT Services

Cloud Computing

Epsilon is dedicated to helping companies manage the difficulties and costs associated with forklift IT upgrades in rapidly changing environments. We work directly with clients who experience these problems to develop and implement custom systems, server applications, network applications, and/or database applications. Our custom developed, modular applications make the most of public and private cloud services to enable rapid deployment and provisioning of extensible space for the client’s use.

Epsilon has pioneered a new turnkey Cloud Computing solution to answer the capability gaps and weaknesses within the current cloud market space. While there are a large number of “cloud computing” providers in the market space, organizations are still left to architect the implementation of these solutions themselves or hire an outside consultant to design a cloud-based infrastructure from the ground up. Most cloud-based products contain barriers to current applications and offer no redundancy should a connection be lost.

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Computer Systems Engineering

As both a Microsoft Gold Partner and a Microsoft Cloud Partner, Epsilon is uniquely positioned to perform a well-informed assessment on our client’s infrastructure and consider all available options based on their specific requirements. We design and implement solutions tailored to your business that provide a seamless end user experience.

Epsilon prides itself in systems engineering capability and design prowess. We design and implement solutions tailored to your business. Our focus is on specifying the right combination of servers, operating systems, and applications for your business. This enables employees to interface with the various components on your network, from on-premise resources to the wide array of off-premise services that are available to you by subscription. From Virtual Desktop Interfaces (VDI), to thin clients and optimized end user experience, Epsilon’s engineering team delivers cutting edge technology to a wide variety of market sectors.


Network System Engineering

Epsilon designs, configures and implements network and systems solutions. We are capable of applying both in industry standard and outside-of-the box computer systems engineering analysis. We provide discipline to the design, development, testing and deployment of the most complex and mission-critical hardware and software systems used today.

Epsilon specializes in full life-cycle computer systems engineering to support client architecture. This work includes designing, prototyping and testing new solutions to meet client needs. Every networking engineer or network system engineer on Epsilon’s team will ensure that systems and architectures are scalable, reliable, and fully optimized to deliver quality performance.


VoIP and Video Teleconferencing

Our company offers the latest in technology and services that empower and connect your workplace by voice, video, web conferencing, instant messaging, and presence awareness. We provide Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems; access to VoIP service providers; VoIP phone service; video teleconferencing (VTC) solutions; audio-video presentation systems; video displays; control systems; and command, control, and communications (C3). Our strategic partnerships with industry leaders make Epsilon one of the most well-connected IT consulting firms in the business—with a fine-tuned vendor management system. We have a broad portfolio of IP communications and voice-video services and the expertise required to deploy, operate, and optimize them as key components of our IT solutions.

Additionally, Epsilon has developed its own VoIP telephony solution and integrated it directly into our SAVE cloud platform for a complete Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution. This VoIP product was developed as a response to the need for a low cost, highly survivable, all-inclusive solution to telephony needs across the a myriad of industries.


IT/Cyber Security

Epsilon goes farther than typical IT support companies when it comes to cyber security. We provide complete information assurance support including standards compliance, penetration testing, and data security. Our comprehensive information assurance programs assess and implement integrated solutions for physical, technical, operations, personnel, server-workstation and communication security requirements. This includes disaster recovery assessments and business continuity planning.

Our services include systems security architecture development, testing and evaluation, certification and accreditation (C&A) support, compliance audits, and inspections for client-server or web-based environments. Our work includes a thorough review of applicable security disciplines and controls to identify systems requirements. This will ensure system-data availability, integrity and confidentiality.

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Network Support:

We deliver server administration, network and desk-side technical assistance, and on-site and remote IT support. Epsilon differentiates itself from other IT support companies by providing Level II and Level III support to customers in a non-traditional way. By blending the support levels, we give users a much higher probability of first-call resolution than with other IT consulting firms. Redefining IT processes for the customer minimizes support costs and ensures higher levels of user satisfaction, enhanced productivity and effective use of resources. Epsilon system administration services will integrate into the overall infrastructure design and management of the customer’s enterprise.

By deploying next-generation applications and hardware for remote monitoring and alerting capabilities through employing proactive and preventative system maintenance, Epsilon delivers high-quality network support solutions and unmatched expertise from every computer support specialist on the team.

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IT Outsourcing

We provide a wide array of managed services and solutions that allow you to get the most powerful small business IT solutions available and focus on your organization’s core purpose. These services are ideal for organizations that don’t wish or can’t afford to maintain an in-house IT staff and/or computer support specialist team.

Epsilon’s IT outsourcing services are guided by service level agreements (SLAs) that specify every detail of how we will handle the day-to- day management of systems and needs. This includes support levels, hierarchy of service and issue severity. We also incorporate our technology consulting and small business computer support services to ensure the IT roadmaps are in place to provide you the optimum level of resources for your organization’s needs.


Business Technology Consulting

Epsilon provides enterprise IT solutions no matter the size of your business. We take a holistic view of your system to ensure the solutions fit the needs of the organization and put IT roadmaps in place for optimum short and long-term performance. The process involves computers, servers, software, and cabling on your premises, as well as a diversity of options available for off-premises IT infrastructure, data storage, and services (i.e. cloud computing).

From determining the proper technology to developing hosted custom applications, Epsilon’s business technology consulting specialists will help you identify your needs, examine your processes, and pick the resources that will serve you best. We will work with your legacy systems and acquire new systems as needed, determine how to use technology to ensure efficient processes, and help you get all the IT resources working together to maximize your productivity and return on investment.