Staying current requires constantly reevaluating ourselves and our equipment. Like many organizations, we started with an infrastructure that worked for the time. As our equipment aged it started to delay us on what we wanted to achieve.

Constantly buying new infrastructure to support growth and innovation can quickly become expensive. Eventually, you reach a point where the backbone of the systems starts to age. Then you’re left with a huge capital expense just to maintain the status quo—and in the grand scheme of things, that status quo doesn’t last for long. That cycle creates an increasingly acute sense of uncertainty every time assets reach the end of their life.

Several organizations depend on us for their services. If we take too long to make a decision, the delay impacts more than just ourselves; it has a knock-on effect on their businesses, too. So we had a choice: Invest the capital to refresh an aging system, or take that opportunity to overhaul our operations?

Fortunately, we had the right partner with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), and that meant we didn’t have to choose one over the other after all. Read more about our data center upgrades and Infrastructure as a Service platform with HPE Greenlake.