Epsilon, Inc. partners with leading internet security service provider, OpenDNS, to provide safer, better, and faster internet browsing for Epsilon’s All-Inclusive Managed Services Customers. OpenDNS reduces security issues that may arise from opening emails with malicious attachments or links to malicious websites without slowing down web browsing speed. While most firewall based security products can only protect devices located in a single physical space, the OpenDNS service protects office users and remote workers using home or public wireless networks, where security threats are even more common. When integrated with Epsilon’s monitoring and alerting platform, OpenDNS allows Epsilon technicians to respond immediately to security threats to minimize impact to our customer’s organization. OpenDNS is one more way that Epsilon continues to improve their service model to better support their clients as technology evolves.

“Firewalls and anti-virus are certainly essential to everyday business, and these toolsets are not going away anytime soon.  However, cyber threats are becoming much more sophisticated and even in Western North Carolina we are seeing a number of businesses become targets in attempts to steal or corrupt company data.  Increasingly we are finding that the tools used to combat these threats are no longer sufficient—especially as more businesses are embracing the flexibility of a mobile workforce. OpenDNS does not eliminate the threat, but it allows us to improve and expand our protection both inside and outside of the office walls.” 

– Jason Lee, Vice President of Commercial Services, Epsilon, Inc.

Headquartered in Western North Carolina, Epsilon, Inc. works with both Commercial and Federal customers providing technology solutions, including 24×7 Help Desk Support, Proactive Network Monitoring & Managed Services, Advanced Security Services, and CIO Consulting Services.