Goldsmith, Molis, and Gray, PLLC (GMG) recently acquired the local accounting firm, Steve Greene CPA, in order to better serve their existing customers and to expand their geographical presence in WNC.  As with any acquisition or merger, there are many considerations surrounding the integration of another company’s computing devices, systems, telephony, and workflow processes.  Navigating this process can be both time consuming and expensive if is not well planned in advance.

As GMG’s Information Technology Services Provider, the Epsilon team worked closely with GMG to plan the technology integration well in advance.  Epsilon’s engineers scanned the new environment with our network monitoring and assessment toolset to catalog all the devices on the network and assess the need for replacement.  Epsilon also was able to pull upgraded fiber internet quotes from local partner ERC Broadband and expand the phone system needs through VoIP provider Ringfree Communications

Once the technology assessment was completed, we deployed upgraded networking gear including managed switches, managed wireless access points, and enterprise grade firewall services.  Since GMG was already utilizing the Epsilon SAVE Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, we pre-staged their private and secured GMG cloud through the SAVE Onsite Appliance including the GMG domain, group policies, application presentation, and other needed files and folders to allow for an simple implementation when it came time to cut over their infrastructure.

While the integration of another organization following an acquisition or merger will always be stressful, our planned approach to this process can save time, money, frustration and, most importantly, allow our customers to focus on running a successful business.

“Epsilon was instrumental in bringing the two new office locations into our network and connecting the new employees to our remote applications.  They analyzed what needed to be done, put together the plan to accomplish those tasks, and then made it happen.  Epsilon’s knowledge and expertise enabled us to connect the two offices and employees to our network in a quick and organized manner while leaving us free to focus on running our business.” Allen Grey, Principal, GMG CPA

About GMG (Goldsmith Molis & Gray)

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